The market seems better, can't I figure this out on YouTube?

The market is HOT and rising rapidly! Now, every seller is questioning whether they can temper the flame alone. Selling your home is not a Do-It-Yourself project! Your home is a valuable asset so you want an experienced Realtor. Would you trust your finances to the cheapest investor or choose the cheapest doctor for heart surgery? Since 1993 I have been helping sellers and buyers on the Eastside. You might pay a bit less on a commission, but you could lose out on getting tens of thousands more for your home.  

For example, I average 104% of listing price on my sales. On an $800,000 home that is $32,000 more dollars in your pocket. Even if you were paying less for your commission, you would still be ahead by at least $16,000 with me. 

I use a proven system to drive buyers to your home, using extensive marketing, professional staging and top-notch photography. Don't make the mistake of choosing a company that is churning out sales rather than ensuring top dollar and a smooth closing. There are hundreds of little things that can spoil a deal and I have seem them all. Let my experience guide you in this important financial decision.


Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Does the thought of selling your home already have you feeling stressed?

  • Do you want to get the highest possible offer with the least amount of hassle?

  • Do you need assistance understanding and interpreting the contract process?

  • Would you like help staging and marketing your home to its fullest potential?

  • Would you like to know how to maximize your profits in a potential multiple offer situation?

  • Would you trust your assets to an inexperienced manager.

  • Is getting tens of thousands more for your home worth paying a commission thats a couple thousand more?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a great Listing Agent! My knowledge of home buyers will help you create a marketing strategy to successfully engage showings and present your home to its fullest potential. My years of experience will assist you in developing a pricing strategy that will bring you the highest possible offer, and most importantly the highest net outcome for you. I'm blessed to work with the most incredible photographer on the Eastside who will show off your home's best assets and will succeed in showing off how amazing your home is. When it is time to accept an offer, I will help break down the intricacies of the contract fine print and will help you navigate through the minefields of a multiple offer situation. I will be your advocate, counselor, and friend every step of the way.  

I've personally worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers since 1993. You are welcome to take a look at what my clients, now friends, have to say about their experience. Then, contact me for a FREE Market Analysis and a quick consultation!


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I would love to come by for a 15-minute walk through to meet you and your home and to find out more about you and your goals.  Call me for a complimentary Market Analysis today.

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